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Year-Round Beers

Dank Side of the Moon

American IPA | 7.5%

Dank Side of the Moon is a juicy, aromatic, IPA featuring Citra, Mosaic and Amarillo hops. Over 90% of the hops were added after the boil in order to maximize flavor and aroma, all while minimizing bitterness. A generous amounts of oats and dextrine malt provide a soft, full mouthfeel that supports this beer's intense hop punch.

Crow Cream Ale

Blonde Ale | 5.5%

Brewed in the California blonde style, one sip of this cream nectar will have even the most casual light beer drinker shun Budweiser forever. It adds flavor and some color by using a small amount of European grain, and incorporates lesser used hops in the beer market today. Give it a try and you will be a believer. 

Bluewater Hefeweizen

Blonde  |  5.8%

A wheat brewed in the German style that Is a twist on the Rocky Bayou Wheat. This beer is slightly mellower than the Rocky Bayou, with more restrained citrus and spices. The German yeast really comes through with hints of clove and banana that result in a legit Heffeweizen for even the most loyal German beer lover. 

Panhandle Pale Ale

Pale Ale  |  5.9%

A pale ale that is just hoppy enough to be satisfying to the IPA pallet of many patrons, but tolerable to the non-IPA converts. It uses an insane amount of hops in the boil, but no dry hoping, This well balanced stronger pale ale is a respectable specimen amongst a vast sea of this very popular beer style in America today.

Choctaw-hoppee IPA

India Pale Ale  |  7.2%

Our patrons goaded us into making a true IPA. So, we upped the hops in the Pale Ale boil even more, increased the overall grain bill to raise the alcohol content, and also dry hopped. This IPA should satisfy the hop-heads amongst us. 

Bear Creek Bramber

English Brown  |  6.0%

What the heck Is a "Bramber". This Amber beer brewed in the English brown style has no other choice but to be aptly named by a combination of its roots. It is malty and sweet to the taste with a very light hop profile. It has a beautiful deep red hue that climbs to a white creamy head. An impressive looking beer that's easy on the palate.

Boggy Bayou Stout

Stout  |  4.8%

 A chocolate milk stout brewed in the English style. This attempt to match the yumminess of Young's Double Chocolate Stout in fact surpasses that beer's flavor. The very mildly bitter chocolate is well smoothed out by vanilla, and the taste lingers on the pallet for a good while, leaving the patron craving the next sip. 

Postal Point Porter

Porter  |  8.0%

Our patrons love the Boggy Bayou Stout, but continually requested a heavier, more powerful, dark beer. This Porter being the result has a higher alcohol content and is brewed with a roasty flavor lending to coffee and chocolate notes. There are no special additives in this one, straight grains and hops. Enjoy! 

Turkey Creek Tripel

Tripel |  8.5%

Straight from the low country of Western Europe to the low country of the Southeast US, this Belgium strong ale brewed in the Trappist tradition is as potent as it is easy on the pallet, clocking in near 9% ABV. It’ll lure you in with its sweet aroma and spicy yeast, then sucker punch. Recommend the 12 oz pour unless you plan to set a spell. Giddy-up!

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